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No fluorescence, anti - penetration, every period want to accompany you!
hot key words:
Have you ever experienced this kind of trouble?
In large quantities
A little carelessness will cause leakage
Tissues don't breathe
It feels wet and sticky
I was afraid to move around for a few days
For fear of leakage
Material is not skin-friendly
Strong sense of friction and allergy
How embarrassing!
What trouble!
How helpless!
How depressing!
amount of
Sliding sideways
1. Place yourself in a soft world like clouds
Picking natural organic cotton, refined through multiple processes, it is gentle and skin-friendly, effectively reducing the coefficient of friction, comfortable and flying!
Fine hole skin-friendly soft non-woven fabric, considerate of your delicate skin, intimate comfort! Water absorption factor, effective water absorption + lock water, avoid leakage trouble. Bid farewell to sultry, always dry. Sealed straight strip bag provides all-round protection against moisture, bacteria and mildew.
Special period needs comprehensive care
Sweet caress
2. Innovative negative ion chip technology
3. Functional diversion layer
Negative ion chip can keep the air fresh, promote bacteria, reduce inflammation, and deodorize. You who love to be clean no longer have to worry about the embarrassing smell that has been plagued by special periods for a long time!
Fully guide most of the liquid to diffuse along the longitudinal direction, temporarily store the liquid in the diversion layer, so that the liquid diffuses in the diversion layer, and has a good anti-reverse osmosis effect.
Bacteriostatic rate

No wood pulp, completely Japanese sumitomo bibulous beads
Dry and breathable, soft and smooth, instant suction instant dry
Charming cut, light and light, like nothing
Safe without fluorescent agent
Effective antibacterial,antibacterial rate≥99%
The creator of sanitary napkin
Brand sanitary napkin
Tianning grass coral organic cotton sanitary napkins
Organic pure cotton, warm palace care, breathing towel
Tianning 3D silk soft sanitary napkin
Tianning natural medical absorbent gauze
Niya magnetic anion sanitary napkin
Tianning pure cotton gauze sanitary napkin
Dry and not sensitive and soft and skin-friendly
Imported pure cotton without fluorescent agent zero sensitization
Ultra-thin 0.1cm, redefine big absorption
Contains high polymer, super absorption, slim and thin
Our strength
Research and development
Nia has a large research and development team to support, and constantly develop high-quality products. And a number of technical teams, sanitary napkin design companies and other external forces, to increase the development of new products.
Product advantage
Products suitable for new materials, far-infrared anion health sanitary napkins, with warm uterus, warm menstruation, dispel peculiar smell and other conditioning effects. The unique chip contains far infrared ray, anion and nano silver and other three major scientific and technological achievements.
Quality advantage
Through ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, product quality has been fully guaranteed. On the basis of comprehensive reference to international standards of research and development technology, the company relies on advanced modern production equipment and persistent pursuit of product quality.
Production ability
More than 20,000 square meters of factory, imported processing equipment, has more than 50 sanitary napkin production lines, computer control system automation equipment, annual production capacity of more than 300 million.
Brand story
Professional rD team
Advanced production equipment
A number of professional production lines
Multiple patent certificates
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Tianjin Nia Sanitary Products Co. LTD
Founded in 1994, Tianjin Nia Sanitary Products Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and operation of women's sanitary products, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads and mattresses. Over the years, with the concept of "quality-oriented, innovative development", the company has developed two major brand products, "Tianning" and "Niya", which have won the popularity of the majority of consumers and been deeply trusted by the majority of consumers after the products were listed.
Four big advantage
20,000 square meters manufacturing base, with markets all over the country
Strict quality management, diversified business strategy
Professional technology, high-quality team
Attentive service, meticulous and worry-free
A professional manufacturer specializing in the production and operation of feminine hygiene products, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads and mattresses. Over the years, the company has developed two major brand products, "Tianning" and "Niya" based on the concept of "quality-oriented, innovative development". After the products were launched, they have won the popularity of consumers and have been trusted by consumers.
The company has always been based on strict quality management, and passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification in 2004. The company's decision-makers have been farsighted and successfully merged the famous brand: "Tianning". It has continuously won many honors such as "Tianjin Famous Brand", "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Unit", "Consumer Trustworthy Product", and "Tianjin Famous Brand".
With a diversified business strategy, the company has introduced advanced production lines for diapers, sanitary napkins and nursing pads, and the company has grown rapidly. The company has professional technical personnel and a high-quality sales team, laying the foundation for the company to take off.
A large customer service staff, 24 hours attentive service; a complete service network system, to provide customers with professional and thoughtful consulting services. Specific solutions can be made according to various difficult problems encountered by customers.
After sale Worry free
24-hour after-sales consultation
Health care
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